Pastor John's Daily Briefing - 4/16/2020

Pastor John's Daily Briefing - 4/16/2020

Greetings again to our Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

It is April 16th, and as I am writing I can see snow flurries descending from the sky. Brrr! The weather will be what it will be. Even so, we are living, sentient children of God who have the capability to act beyond the confines of weather, to live according to the plan and promises of God revealed in Christ Jesus.

The Apostle Paul shares a bit what this kind of life can be in the 12th chapter of Romans. He first cautions the church to not be too caught up in the ways of the world,but rather to allow ourselves to be transformed by the renewal we can experience in our relationship with Christ Jesus, for each of us have been given a measure of faith. Our relationship with Jesus both informs and enables a new relationship that we can have with each other, built upon genuine and sincere love and an understanding of goodness received from God. Such love directs us into a life of service and mutual affection, shedding away from us thoughts that are evil; love that his hopeful, patient, and enduring, love that directs us in the way of hospitality and contributing to the needs of others. 

Our relationship with Jesus guides us into empathetic relationships with one another, relationships that can bear together in times of sorrow and joy, relationships that express equanimity and support for one another, relationships that are able to overcome evil with good. Paul counsels that the goal of such relationships is to be found in peace and harmony. In such relationships, Paul states that there is not room for vengeance or haughtiness. 

So whatever might be going on in our lives at this moment, may we feel God's presence and guidance in Christ Jesus and may we seek out the peace that God alone is able to offer. Hold fast to the grace given to us. Take care and God bless!  Pastor John