July 2020

Pastor John's Daily Briefing-7/29/2020

To All Who Call Upon Jesus as Lord,


As Christians, our focus is to always be on Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior. What images do we hold onto regarding our understanding ofJesus? How do we see him, and how do we understand the manner in which he sees us?


Pastor John's Daily Briefing-7/28/2020

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,


Pastor John's Daily Briefing-7/23/2020

Greetings in the name of Christ Jesus to all the faithful,


Pastor John's Daily Briefing-7/21/2020

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,


Pastor John's Daily Briefing-7/16/2020

Grace and peace to you, Sisters and Brothers in Christ,


Romans 8:28 has always been an important verse held dearly by many Christians. But it has also created some questions as to a proper translation from the original Greek into English. One notices this when looking at a wide divergence in the many English translations.


Pastor John's Daily Briefing-7/14/2020

To the church that bears the name of Christ Jesus,


MACY Mini Summer Retreat

We are excited to share the two day retreat along the beautiful Susquehanna River on Monday and Tuesday – July 13-14 (yep, next week)! We would love to see all the MACY youth and postsecondary young adults spend both days (or partial days if work/school prohibits) with us.

Pastor John's Daily Briefing-7/9/2020

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,


You have heard the saying; I have good news and I have bad news. What do you want to hear first?

Pastor John's Daily Briefing-7/1/2020

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,