Youth Ministry

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We realize that most youth in our community churches go to the same school, they socialize, play sports, participate in bands, the musicals together. Why not in spiritual activities as well?

Jerry Amabile approached me and shared he had 6-7 active youth at Dreisbach and wanted to know if we could do something together on a monthly basis beginning in June, 2013! We got together that month and each and every month since that time. We aim for the last Sunday of the month to make it easier to remember. We began with with a total of 10-12 and have had as many as 40+ at some activities.

We all realize that sports and other activities are held each and every day-Sunday is no longer sacred for Church activities so we are happy for those that do join us. The word got out that the kids were having fun and the Methodist church(down the street)inquired......they got involved as well.....then a friend of the Methodist youth leader goes to Messiah in New Berlin and he hopped on board with 2-3 of their youth.....then the Presbyterian Church joined in.

We now have five active churches involved, but are open to whomever wants to get together and have fun as Mifflinburg Area(meaning anyone) Christian Youth. Each church is asked to plan a month so it helps each leader to breathe in between. Because we have a lot of youth involved and because I love planning, I tend to arrange for many of the activities, but everyone supports each other! This is open to everyone in Junior and Senior High and yes....College.

We attempt to go through the summer to keep it going, but we have skipped a month due to church camp and Workcamp.

You all come!!!!!! 

Kim Sawyer