Work Camp

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Thanks to all for the great support at our annual Soups+Sandwich+Sweet Fundraiser! Despite the weather conditions, YOU were very supportive and allowed us to raise monies for TWO huge events we have planned this summer!

 Mifflinburg Group Workcamp! 453 youth/adults from throughout the USA are registered (with some on the waiting list) to arrive in our town on Sunday, June 21st through Saturday morning, June 27th

  • This year’s theme is REFRAME ME LORD! Perfect for our congregation as well!  Let’s examine ourselves and REFRAME with God’s help. We are excited to see this theme lived out during the week – hope you are too!We expect 20 Junior & Senior High youth/Adults from our own church family to be campers! They pay to attend just like the others as fees cover the cost of the camp. If you are not attending as a camper, we really need your help in so many ways. There truly is something for each one of you to do. Encourage your neighbors, friends and relatives to help as well. We are serving those who need repairs in Snyder, Union and Upper Northumberland County and need help from EVERYONE! Just give me your name and number and we’ll connect you with something to do! You will not regret the time and energy spent on this amazing two weeks (one week to setup)


  •  Harvey Cedars Bible Camp – We have 10 Senior High youth/Adults registered for the week of July 6-11. Harvey Cedars truly is a place where “Christ Finds People and Changes Lives”. Nothing thrills me more than to hear somebody tell me about a life changing decision they made during their time there. Jesus himself purposefully withdrew from the crowds to spend time with His Heavenly Father. We will follow His example with this time of spiritual renewal. Harvey Cedars is the perfect place to get away from distractions and experience God in a different way. God’s handiwork is evident in the beauty of the vast ocean, as well as in the serene sunset over the bay.

We ask for prayers for both of these events. Both are life changing and it is an honor to see the way God works through these opportunities!


  •  180+ Applications for Home Repairs received and visited/reviewed by four volunteers – lots of hours and time spent by these individuals – Thanks Arlene, Harvey, Earl and Don!
  • 100 sites were selected for “site surveying”…again lots of hours and time spent (through the toughest weather conditions) – Thanks Charlie,  Edwena, Barb, Jim, Mike, Andy, Craig, Bob, Josh, Dave, Troy and  Keith!
  • NOW Sites are currently being prioritized and the initial listing of sites will have materials ordered in

JUNE 14-18

  • Setup volunteers go to each site to make sure lumber/paint/supplies are delivered and re-check directions
  • Ladders delivered to sites as needed


  • Campers arrive – WELCOME THEM!!!

JUNE 21-27

  • WORKCAMP – God’s Work! Please join us each evening at the Intermediate School Gymnasium to see what’s happening! Very cool program!


  • Unfinished projects completed